How It Works

ESL – Initial Consultation

Meet with me via Zoom or Google Meet to discuss your project, your expectations, and discover what I can do for you.

ESL Consultation Coaching Program

Before our first coaching session, you will complete an information form about your project, course, product, or service. You will also record a 5-minute elevator speech about your project so I can set a baseline as to your ESL presentation skills.

Session 1 will review your project information in great detail as well as analyze and provide suggestions and coaching tips to improve your elevator speech. 

Sessions 2, 3, and 4 will review different aspects or modules of your project, how you present them, and provides suggestions and coaching tips to improve these elements.

Session 5 will concentrate on your closing pitch. We will work on how to ask for the sale and enroll your prospect.

ESL Presentation Coaching Session

Individual 1-hour sessions to coach you on your presentation skills and abilities. We can focus on the aspects of your project you feel need the most assistance.


All three editing packages start at $100 per project and increase based on the complexity, length, and quality of the printed (digital or print) material. 

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